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Frequently Asked Questions

Q?Can I view my video cameras from anywhere other than inside my home?

If your video security system is connected to your Internet connection, it is possible to view your cameras from a web browser. This means you can confirm the identity of people going to your house even when you are not at home.

Q?What is a security system?

A security system is a set of components installed to detect and prevent potentially dangerous situations. They are generally made up of detection components, a control module, a keypad, and a siren. Its effectiveness is significantly improved when the system is connected to a monitoring center. This guarantees a rapid response by the appropriate authorities and thus increases security.

Q?Is a home security system really necessary?

Cases of burglaries and thefts are on the rise, which means that more and more homeowners are becoming concerned about their families and their properties. A home security system with burglar alarm monitoring makes your home a less likely target of break-ins and burglaries.

Q?How does an alarm system fend off would-be burglars?

Approximately 90% of burglars would prefer to break into homes without security systems. These criminals want the easy way in; they don’t want to risk an alarm siren going off. Read statistics on home burglaries and learn how burglar alarm monitoring helps.

Q?Can a home security system save me money?

Yes. Not only will a home security system add value to your property, but it will also save you from 10 to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance under most policies.

Q?Is the system easy to use?

Yes. The installation technician will explain how the system works upon completing the installation. The system comes with a complete user’s manual and instructions.

Q?What are the components of a home security system?

Most alarm systems include a control panel & keypad, door or window contacts, a motion detector, and an alarm siren. Night Watch Security also offers other optional security devices such as remote control access, glass break detection and video surveillance.

Q?Are pets a problem for an alarm system?

No. Home security systems use pet immunity, which allows for most animals that weigh less than 40 pounds to wander around the home without setting off the alarm. Specially adapted motion detectors are available for larger pets.