Safeguarding Your Sense of Security Since 1983


Welcome to Night Watch Security. My name is Tony Armenti, and I have been in the security business since 1983. Night Watch Security has come a long way in terms of technology updates and providing great customer service, 24/7 year-round. Our customers are constantly educated about security technology and are provided with available options at the most reasonable price on the market.


We have experienced staff monitoring your premises 24/7, and are available for any emergency. We are an insurance bonded security agency, with no gimmicks or a sales pitch.

We solely provide security solutions based on what is required at the premises, and only suggest the technology that is absolutely required.

Night Watch Security is a member of CANASA (Canadian Security Association), and follows strict regulation to ensure 100% security for your residential or commercial property.

Partnering with world leaders in security technology gives us the amazing confidence to say, we are highly recommended and well respected within the security field. In Niagara, Hamilton and Burlington and surrounding areas.