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Burglar Alarm Basics

Home security systems are either active and passive or both.  Passive systems are ones that use passive infrared sensors or commonly known as motion sensors inside the house. When an intruder comes into an area an alarm would be generated and the authorities would be notified.  A siren would also sound to let the intruder know that he/she has entered a protected area.  Active systems are sensors that detect the intruder before he enters the premise, such as glass breakage sensors, magnetic window/door contacts. An ideal system would include both passive and active as you would want to be properly protected and feel safe inside your home.

Obviously, it makes more sense to stop an intruder from entering your house before you have an unpleasant surprise of having a burglar inside your home and that is when fear, panic set in and then it’s too late. A burglar can get away with a large amount of “stock” in five minutes . If an alarm is sounded before they get into your house, they’re more likely to run to the next house because they have nothing at that point and it would be wise to take off.


An active system is characterized mainly by having sensors located on any possible access points for the house, such that an alarm sounds when they are tampered with. For example, window sensors, when armed, will trigger an alarm when someone tries to open that window. Similarly, door sensors will active your alarm when the door is opened and the system is activated.


A door or window sensor is two parts: a magnet and a reed switch. They are installed such that when the window is closed they are in close proximity to each other. When the window (or door) is opened, the magnet moves away from the switch and the alarm processor receives a signal . If the panel is armed, it triggers an alarm, usually audible and also notifies the monitoring station.


Why monitor an alarm? We ask why not, if you’re going to spend money on protecting your investment and your family why not invest in the small amount of a monthly fee to have the proper authorities to show up when they are most needed. Burglars are not just thieves they are human as well and they to have some knowledge of what an alarm can or can’t do. Burglars have been known to break into houses and when an audible alarm sounds will run away only to reappear 10 -20 minutes later to see if authorities are in fact responding.


Door to door salesman:


Beware of door to door salespeople coming knocking on your door offering “free” alarms. Most people are knowledgeable enough to know that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Basic alarm packages that are sold door to door cover the absolute minimum and you should be wary of what in fact they are selling you. What these companies are doing is giving you false security with a higher than normal price range in the monthly as well as the lengthy contract. Don’t sign any contract with salespeople that tell you in order to receive a “free” alarm you must sign today.  Don’t be pressured into signing anything unless you speak to another alarm company.   We will be happy to assist and guide you properly.


BEWARE of exclusive systems


Some companies sell exclusive systems that sound “better” than the standard security systems.  Exclusive systems should be avoided because of two reasons; one being that should this company sell or go out of business you can expect the next company to come in and take out the system as these “exclusive” systems are of no use to any other alarm company.  The second should you want to upgrade your “exclusive” system you can expect to pay skyrocket prices for extras. If you require an additional sensor the company can charge you a fee that you have no say in because of the contract you signed.  If they charge you $200 for a motion sensor, then you have no choice but to pay it.


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