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Burglar Alarm Basics

Home security systems are either active and passive or both.  Passive systems are ones that use passive infrared sensors or commonly known as motion sensors inside the house. When an intruder comes into an area an alarm would be generated and the authorities would be notified.  A siren would also sound to let the intruder…
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Home Surveillance Camera Basics

IR Technology An IR or infra-red camera uses a set of special lights around the camera lens so that it “sees” moving objects in the dark. While you do not see any of this light being emitted, the surveillance camera does. To the camera, the viewed area literally looks as if a floodlight is shining…
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Should You Consider Surveillance Cameras On Your Premises?

It is safe to say that the best way to protect your home and family is to think about home security long before we have a problem. Strong doors with updated locks (always change the locks after you move in), sturdy lockable windows, an alarm or security camera can all be part of the home…
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